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The Pikler Triangle - a wonderful open ended piece developed by paediatrician Dr Emmi Pikler. Most commonly it is a climbing frame, which can be used for children as young as six months old, with the evenly spaced bars being great for pulling up on. It’s a great sensory and motor development resource which can be used in multiple ways for all ages. Supporting their natural gross motor development, the climbing triangle assists with concentration, sense of achievement, self-confidence and autonomy.



    • Dimensions 750mm high x 860mm base x 880mm wideClimbing rungs are 3 1/4" apart
    • Weight (approximately) Tested to hold 50kg
    • Silky-smooth finishes
    • Easy clean just wipe with a damp cloth 
    • Items are shipped flat packed for self-assembly.
    • Always read and follow safety and assembly instructions

    It can be introduced at 6 months old and generally can be expected to be used up until age 5.

    Around 6 months of age, babies can use the rungs of the Pikler triangle to pull up and stand.  As they develop, children begin exploring the structure by climbing part way up then back down (around 1-2 years of age).  Older children (around 4-5 years of age) typically “master” the Pikler triangle and are able to climb all the way to the top and climb over and down the other side.  


    Babies and toddlers have a habit of climbing on everything, regardless of its safety or stability. Introducing a Baby Pikler Climbing Frame at an early age will, contrary to popular belief, not encourage your toddler to ‘become a climber’, it will however allow your little ones a safe space to develop and practice his / her gross motor skills. This is not just for climbing, it is designed to support balance, creativity, co ordination and grip strength.