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LE FERRIER is a small, creative, and dedicated two-family team 

 Juan and Nicolás, the designers, are CNC masters, and furniture manufacturers.

 Denisse and Daniela are in charge of marketing, sales, accounting, and business management.

 Mateo and Santiago are the inspiration, product testers, and also the models.

 Juan (Industrial Designer) and Nico (Architect) have been working in the design industry for over 8 years in Misco joinery (which support us), here in NZ for the last 8 and 6 years, respectively. Both are part of a joinery business where they have developed their knowledge and skills in carpentry.

 About a year ago they noticed a niche in making custom furniture for campervans. They did this for a time in parallel with their work until Covid-19 made them put that plan aside.


During the lockdown, they began to rethink making furniture when Dani realized something was missing in her home. “Our children are the inspiration behind the kitchen helper, they love to help and be part of everything that happens in the kitchen, especially when it comes to baking, but trying to cook with two young children around was becoming a challenge, so I asked Juan to make something for the kids”. Juan, being passionate about designing products, asked Nico for some help and they designed and manufactured the first kitchen helper stool which brought to us a great opportunity to of starting to creating the “PLAY Collection”.

 Our "PLAY Collection" has one goal in mind: to help parents, schools, and day-care centers to provide a safe environment for children to wholly express themselves. We believe that if you provide children with the proper environment for full self-directed expression, they will develop the necessary skills which will enable them to live a fulfilling life.

We hope you enjoy our products as much as we do making them.


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