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SAFETY GUIDELINES Le Ferrier design 
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Our products are designed to promote agility and physical strength and to support children's concentration, self-confidence, and autonomy encouraging free movement and free play, keeping always their safety in mind. However, we can't guarantee the safety of your child if the products are used improperly so please make sure to follow our safety guidelines.
Do not ever leave your child alone to play unsupervised; free play is a completely different concept from unsupervised play. We advise letting them explore freely, but always be within a safe distance to assist them if required. 
Supervise children at all times and take particular care with children under 6 years old.
The climbing triangle has been designed to be used on a soft but sturdy play surface, never concrete or hard ground.
Please ensure you follow the weight limit guidelines from each item. These guidelines need to be considered particularly when multiple children are playing together.
All the equipment should be kept dry.
Please carefully read and follow the assembly instructions.
All the products are to be assembled by an adult. Until they are fully assembled, the screws and screw nuts are considered small parts and could pose a choking hazard therefore should be kept out of reach of children under the age of 3. 
The products should only be moved or opened/closed by an adult. 


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